The Power Of Influence: College Essay Examples On The Impactful Individuals In Our Lives

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What do you mean by a College Essay?

A college essay is a written piece that students submit as part of their application to a college or university. It provides an opportunity for students to showcase their personal experiences, interests, and perspective to the admissions committee. College essays play a crucial role in the selection process as they allow admissions officers to understand the applicant beyond their grades and test scores.

How to approach writing a College Essay?

Writing a college essay can be a daunting task, but with the right approach, it can also be a rewarding experience. It is important to choose a topic that is meaningful to you and allows you to showcase your unique qualities. Start by brainstorming ideas, reflecting on personal experiences, and identifying key moments that have shaped your life.

College Essay Examples - + in PDF  Examples
College Essay Examples – + in PDF Examples

Once you have a topic in mind, create an outline to organize your thoughts and ensure a logical flow in your essay. Make sure to include an engaging introduction, body paragraphs that support your main idea, and a conclusion that leaves a lasting impression. Draft your essay and revise it multiple times to refine your ideas, improve the coherence and clarity of your writing, and eliminate any grammatical or spelling errors.

What is known about an Influential Person Essay?

An influential person essay is a type of college essay where students describe someone who has had a significant impact on their lives. This person could be a family member, friend, teacher, or mentor. The essay aims to convey how the person’s actions, values, or words have shaped the student’s character, aspirations, or worldview.

Outstanding College Essay Examples From Top Universities
Outstanding College Essay Examples From Top Universities

Writing about an influential person allows students to reflect on their personal growth and acknowledge the positive influence of others in their lives. The essay should not only describe the person but also highlight specific examples of how their influence has made a difference.

Solution: How to write an Influential Person Essay?

When writing an influential person essay, it is important to start by selecting a person who has genuinely impacted your life. Consider individuals who have inspired you, challenged you, or helped you become the person you are today.

Begin the essay with a captivating introduction that grabs the reader’s attention and clearly states the person you will be discussing. Use anecdotes, vivid descriptions, and specific examples to bring the person to life in the reader’s mind. Explain how this person has influenced you, what qualities or values you have learned from them, and how it has shaped your own goals and aspirations.

Ensure that the essay focuses on the person’s positive influence and highlights the specific actions or moments that impacted you the most. It is important to be authentic and honest in your writing, conveying genuine emotions and experiences.

Additional Information to consider

When writing a college essay about an influential person, it is essential to keep in mind a few additional considerations:

1. Be concise: While it is necessary to provide enough detail to make the essay compelling, avoid excessive tangents or unnecessary information. Keep the focus on the person and their impact on your life.

2. Show growth and reflection: Use the essay as an opportunity to demonstrate personal growth and self-reflection. Discuss how your perspective has evolved or how you have applied the lessons learned from the influential person in your own life.

3. Use vivid language: Engage the reader by using vivid language, descriptive details, and storytelling techniques. This will help create a more memorable and impactful essay.

4. Connect to larger themes: Consider how the influence of this person connects to broader themes or values in your life. This can add depth and significance to your essay.

Writing a college essay about an influential person can be a powerful way to showcase your personal growth, values, and aspirations. By carefully selecting the person and crafting a compelling narrative, you can create an essay that stands out and leaves a lasting impression on the admissions committee.


A college essay about an influential person provides an opportunity for students to reflect on the people who have shaped their lives. By choosing the right person and effectively conveying their impact, students can create compelling essays that showcase their personal growth, values, and aspirations. It is crucial to be authentic, concise, and use vivid language to engage the reader and leave a lasting impression.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I write about a fictional character as an influential person in my college essay?

No, it is generally recommended to write about real individuals who have played a significant role in your life. Writing about a fictional character may not provide the same level of authenticity and personal growth.

2. Should I only focus on positive influences in my influential person essay?

While it is advisable to emphasize positive influences, you can also discuss challenges or conflicts that you have faced with the influential person. The key is to show personal growth and reflect on how those experiences have shaped you.

3. Can I choose more than one influential person for my essay?

It is generally recommended to focus on one influential person to ensure a coherent and focused essay. However, if you can establish a clear connection between multiple individuals and their impact on your life, it may be possible to include them in your essay.

4. Should I use the person’s real name in my essay?

It is generally recommended to respect the privacy of the person you are writing about. You can use their initials or a pseudonym to refer to them throughout the essay.

5. Can I seek help from others in writing my influential person essay?

While it is acceptable to seek feedback and suggestions from others, it is crucial to ensure that the final essay reflects your own voice and experiences. Plagiarism or excessive external help can undermine the authenticity of your essay.